Whether you are selling one item or thousands of products we provide everything you need in our Vendor Package. Note: EVERY MEMBER can register as a Vendor and have all the marketing features listed in Vendor Features at their disposal, including; your own FREE personal store.

Integrated Frontend Dashboard

The dashboard gives vendors in-depth control over products, orders, earnings and more.

  • Announcements and Messaging Systems
  • Native WooCommerce Control over Products, Coupons & Orders
  • Earnings, Charts, & Payouts Panels
  • In-Depth Settings: Invoicing, SEO, Policies, etc.
  • Store Reviews, Refunds, Vendor Staff, Docs and more!
  • Dashboard Design is independent of theme.

Admin Control.
25+ Powerful Modules.

Set up a feature-rich store with 137+ features across 25+ modules.

  • 25+ Configurable modules help you meet project goals.
  • Deep admin control with 18+ backend panels
  • Admin dashboard, reports, vendor groups, verifications, etc.

Modular design, deep integrations across features


In-Depth Vendor Control.
Advanced Settings.

Vendors have deep management capabilities over their own stores.

  • Vendors can generate their own branded invoices.
  • Advanced shipping (zone-based) control
  • SEO settings for each vendor store
  • Vendor support through external URL, dedicated email, or built-in messaging panel.
  • Store policies, notice, vacation settings & more.


Proprietary Split Cart System.
Cart Split by Vendor.

Splits the cart and subsequent orders by vendor.

  • Proprietary cart design (optional) that’s compatible with large nr. of themes
  • Orders (from multiple stores) are split into sub-orders.
  • Vendors can only access and manage their own orders (or suborders)
  • Smart splitter splits the cart subtotals, discounts, fees, etc.
  • Customer can choose different shipping options for each package based on vendor shipping methods.

Vendor Membership Packages & Subscriptions (Plans & Prices are examples)

Offer differentiated vendor options based on purchases.

  • One-time addons or packages, or vendor subscriptions
  • Limit available products, available categories, product type and more.
  • Limit available features (e.g., SEO, Invoicing, Policies, Staff) by package.
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions, YITH Subscriptions, and more.
  • Automatic vendor group switch via group rules.

Unique Vendor Stores.

Each vendor has their own store page, adapted to their settings.

  • Store appearance can be selected from 3 built-in themes.
  • Each vendor controls their own storefront through their settings.
  • Proprietary design with tabs system, inquiries, follow button etc.
  • Vendors can configure their profile and banner images via their dashboard.

Vendor Earnings.
Charts & Downloadable Tables.

Vendors can view their earnings, commissions & payouts through their dashboard.

  • Earnings sortable by order, customer, month, etc.
  • Plugin keeps track of vendor balance, increasing or decreasing it.
  • Advanced configurations: for example, COD orders can reversely affect balance.
  • Complex commissions by product, category, vendor, tag, flat rate, percentage, etc.
  • Downloadable vendor balance history tracks all changes to balance.

Single Product Multiple Vendors.
Proprietary Design.

Multiple vendors can sell the same product. Powerful ‘Other Offers’ panel.

  • ‘Other Offers’ panel shows all vendors and compares offers. Configurable ‘Show more’ button.
  • Sort offers by price or vendor rating.
  • Smart cache & visibility system only shows the top result of a product in store pages.
  • Vendors can add any product to their store with a single click.
  • Admin can easily select which vendors sell which products in the backend.
  • Smart sorting system can decrease priority if out-of-stock, and automatically detects changes.


Take Control

Control all areas of the vendor dashboard experience. Set which fields to show and which are required. Increase your quality control and ensure all products published have the required information.

Sales Options

Traditional Point of Sale
Where Vendors Keep 100% Of Ever Sale.
Much More!

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